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  • "ViZAPP" Configuration Software

    Creating, editing, downloading, documenting and debugging MOD30ML and MODCELL Multiloop Processor databases becomes easy and intuitive with our Visual Application Designer (ViZAPP) software. The graphical, function block configuration environment makes it easy to relate the process flow to the configuration.

    A Smart Symbols gallery contains a library of standard configurations and both static and dynamic process symbols. The user can create additional libraries with application-specific compounds and symbols.

    ViZapp supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 Professional™, 32- and 64-bit. ViZapp Screen

    ViZAPP Configuration Software offers:

    • Automatic, onscreen and printable documentation of the configuration, including signal source and destination
    • “Smart” connections that automatically snap to the correct block inputs
    • On-line, context-sensitive help is for each block and function
    • Live debug and runtime facilities for on-line verification of the database and process logic
    • Trend windows to simplify loop tuning at commissioning time
    • Tools to construct simple runtime displays for easier debugging without a separate HMI package
    • Smart Symbols gallery with standard and user-created compounds and process symbols