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  • ViewPAK Software

    ViewPAK is a pre-loaded, fully configured Operation and Information Workstation for SteamPAK boiler control packages. Fully integrated with SteamPAK controllers, it includes a high-performance personal computer with flat-panel monitor, operating system, alarm/event printer and ViewPAK software.

    Today’s steam and hot-water plant operations are faced with the need to perform better and to be more energy-efficient with less resources. Boiler control systems need to provide comprehensive alarm and trend data gathering as well as easy-to-use, intuitive graphic displays that allow you to make necessary adjustments for maximum steam or hot water availability.

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    Standard pre-configured ViewPAK displays and logs include:

    • Pre-configured, dynamic graphic displays
    • Real-time, historical nad archive trend displays with zoom and time compression
    • OPC Client functionality to integrate third party devices
    • Built-in Alamr/Event Historian and Data Logging with Report Generation capability
    • Plant overview display
    • Plant control display
    • Boiler graphic display
    • Boiler faceplate display
    • Loop tuning displays
    • Real-time and historical Alarm/event summary display & log
    • Real-time and historical trend display & log

ViewPAK is designed to work with DrumPAK, TrimPAK, BoilerPAK, MeterPAK and BurnerPAK boiler control packages, with MicroMod’s Biomass boiler control systems, or with one of our custom engineered boiler control systems. It comes completely ready to communicate with your SteamPAK boiler controls: no integration, programming or engineering is required.

SteamPAK boiler control systems and ViewPAK software can be integrated into Building Automation Systems and Energy Monitoring Systems.

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