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  • Color Touchscreen Operator Panels

    G3 operator interface panels give you complete HMI functionality for MOD 30ML, MODCELL, and 53MC5000 and 53SL6000 controllers. Plus, they provide connectivity to PLCs, motor drives and other communications-capable devices. With Ethernet as standard on all models, you can network-enable any serial devices connected to the panel. In addition to the G3, MicroMod also offers economical G3 Kadet operator panels for less demanding applications.

    Operator Panels

    G3 Operator Interface Panels offer:

    • Full support for MOD and MicroDCI controllers
    • Conversion of over 200 protocols
    • Built-in web server for remote monitoring and control
    • On-board data logging
    • Two Ethernet ports, two USB host ports and three serial ports
    • CompactFlash® slot for database/recipe storage and collection of logged data
    • Configuration software included