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  • MOD OPC Servers

    MicroMod's OPC servers provide dependable, industry-standard communication interface between any OPC client and the MODCELL and MOD 30ML Multioop Controllers. The Extended Modbus OPC Server provides an enhanced communication interface for MOD30MLcontrollers and Modcell MultiLoop Processors as well as standard Modbus RTU devices. The ICN OPC Server is designed to support existing systems with ABB Taylor MOD 30 series instruments, MOD30ML controllers and Modcell MultiLoop Processors through an Instrument Communication Network Link (ICN) Link.
    OPC Diagram

    OPC Servers offer:

    • Modbus TCP communications over an Ethernet network to supported devices, as well as Modbus RTU through a serial port.
    • Import of interface files created by the ViZapp configuration software, automatically and effortlessly creating the server’s tag data-base.
    • Directly support of MOD30ML and Modcell Multiloop IEEE floating point, improving resolution and eliminating the need for scaling in the host.
    • Network-based download and communications for multiple operator and engineering stations.
    • ICN communications to legacy products including Taylor MOD 30.