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  • The Challenge

    Now more than ever, nuclear power plants need to know that their control systems are proven and reliable.

    MicroMod controllers have been proven in nuclear power generation plants worldwide, in a host of applications including:

    • Feedwater control systems (FWCS)

    • Heater drain controls

    • Moister separator heaters

    • Reactor Coolant System (RCS) makeup operations

    • Chemical and Volume Control systems (CVCS)

    • Startup feedwater heater controls

    • Cooling water temperature control

    • Steam generator controls

    • Sump level controls

    • Bleed condenser and cooling water controls

    • Recirculation flow controls

    • Deaerator controls

    • Heat transport

    • Hotwell controls

    • Main generator hydrogen cooling system 

    • Moderator temperature control
    • Training simulators
  • The Solution: MicroMod’s Micro-DCI Controller Family

    Nuclear Power plants around the globe count on MicroMod for precision process control. Our Micro-DCI Family, including the widely-used 53MC5000 multiloop controller and the EPRI-evaluated Micro-Mite Controller, has demonstrated optimal performance and dependability for customers including:

    Plus, to provide even greater capabilities, these solutions can integrate with powerful HMI software for graphical operation, data collection, and alarming.

    If it’s time for your facility to replace outdated systems based on Bailey 7000 series controllers or Fischer & Porter Chameleon controllers, our 53MC5000 Process Control Station offers state-of-the-art upgrade with special adaptors for easy installation.

    • Bruce Power
    • Ontario Power
    • Calvert Cliffs
    • Constellation Energy
    • South Texas Nuclear
    • Florida Power & Light
    • Omaha Public Power
    • S.N. NuclearElectrica Romania
    • Nucleoeléctrica Argentina
    • Robert E. Ginna
    • Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant

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