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  • E-Port Ethernet Gateway

    For a reliable interface between a Micro-DCI DataLink network and an Ethernet TCP/IP network, your best solution is the EP1000A E-Port. It’s designed to work in tandem with the Micro-DCI Communication Services software, which provides the network interface between the PC and the individual E-Ports. The E-Port also works with MOD 30ML and MODCELL, providing Modbus serial to Modbus/TCP conversion.

    MicroDCI Ethernet Gateway

    E-Port Ethernet Gateway offers:

    • Compatibility with Micro-DCI controllers and auxiliary units using DataLink on TCP/IP
    • Modbus RTU protocol over TCP/IP
    • Redundant gateway support
    • Physical distribution of controllers over multiple RS-485 networks for improved performance or true distributed control
    • Wall-mount, DIN rail mount, or Snap Track mounting versions

  • Data Station Plus

    The Data Station Plus is a Protocol Converter, Data Logger, and Web Interface all in one. It provides a gateway for over 200 protocols and allows communication of up to 9 devices simultaneously. It can also provide data logging, web server, and e-mail/texting as well as a full graphical interface.

    Data Station

    The Data Station Plus offers:

    • CompactFlash® Slot for logging data CSV Files
    • Virtual HMI with Built-in PC-based SCADA Functionality
    • Webserver for Worldwide Access To Data Logs And Virtual HMI
    • Extensive Built-in Driver List
    • Alarm Notification via Email or Text Messages
    • 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet Connection
    • Independent Serial Ports

    • Digi One IA RealPort

      The Digi One IA RealPort delivers easy and reliable serial-to-Ethernet and Modbus-to-Modbus/TCP connectivity for MOD 30ML and MODCELL applications. In addition to providing Modbus-to-Ethernet connectivity, it allows multiple Modbus/TCP masters to share Modbus serial slaves for pc-based console backup and redundancy. The Digi One IA is easy to install locally or remotely through a variety of interfaces using the setup wizard, and once an IP address is assigned, additional configuration can be done with the user-friendly web-browser interface.

      Mod 30ML to Ethernet

      The Digi One IA offers:

      • Modbus-to-Ethernet for MOD 30ML and MODCELL
      • Modbus serial to Modbus/TCP protocol conversion
      • Multiple Modbus/TCP masters connected to MOD controllers
      • Galvanic isolation from earth ground
      • Class 1, Div 2 certification