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  • MicroTorque High-Precision Electric Rotary Actuators

    The MicroTorque electric rotary actuator is specially designed to provide high resolution, high-accuracy positioning for valves and dampers. At last, you can take reap the true benefits of your high-performance process controllers without paying the price for a high performance actuator.

    MicroTorque has twice the resolution of commonly used pneumatic smart positioners, and as much as ten times the resolution of conventional electrical positioners. It allows standard ball or butterfly valves to be used in place of V-ball or globe valves in many modulating applications.

    MicroTorque’s adaptive control algorithms and electric braking feature allow it to quickly hit the set point with out overshoot, increasing accuracy and reducing hunting which leads to better process control, less wear and less maintenance. The patented control circuitry allows our actuator to bridge the gap between the larger high priced actuators on the market and less accurate economy models. The Duty Cycle Protection feature prevents thermal overload while providing excellent torque and response time.

    MicroTorque Electric Actuators offer:

    • 450 positions through 90° with ±0.1° accuracy
    • 16-second travel time for fast response
    • Continuous duty cycle
    • Rotation reverse with the push of a button
    • Adaptive control to eliminate deadband
    • Electric braking feature to reduce wear
    • Easy 3-button setup

      High resolution.
      High accuracy.
      High precision.
       ...without the high pricetag.