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  • WATCHMAN Integrated Boiler Control Panels

  • At MicroMod, we understand the need for flexibility in the field to specify your control strategies and choose options according to field instrumentation and individual installations. WATCHMAN gives you that flexibility - more than any other system in its class.

    WATCHMAN allows you the flexibility to choose your combustion control strategy and combine it with drum level control or balance-of-plant controls according to your needs. And with WATCHMAN's Field Flexible programs you can enable or disable features in the field, without adding I/O or re-configuring the system.
    Watchman Boiler Control Panel

    • Build your boiler control system from standard control options
    • Enable/disable features without adding I/O, changing panel wiring, reprogramming, or buying licenses
    • Compatible with your existing or preferred field instruments and Burner Management System
    • 12" color touchscreen for setup, commissioning, operation, alarm logging & remote access
    • 100% operational backup for touchscreen
    • Non-volatile backup of configuration & tuning adjustments
    • Single-point, modular, isolated I/O
    • Redundant power supplies ensure continued operation

      WATCHMAN Mix-&-Match Control Options:

      • Pressure control with O2 Trim
      • Fuel/air ratio with position feedback, O2 Trim and optional full metering
      • Water level control
      • Plant Master
      • Dearator and Condensate

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