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  • Fischer & Porter Controller Replacement: 53MC RETROPAK

    For seamless migrations, no one is better than MicroMod at providing an easy path from even the oldest Fischer & Porter panelboard controllers to our latest 53MC5000 controller. With MicroMod, you can take economical steps as you’re ready—even upgrading a single controller at a time—while maintaining the same communications and the process integrity you depend on.

    Upgrade your Fischer & Porter Chameleon controllers or 53MC1000, 53MC2000, 53MC4000 and original design 53MC5000 controllers

    DCI Migration Controls

    53MC RETROPAK offers:

    • High-resolution display and superior menu configuration system.
    • Real-time clock, downloadable firmware updates, and display hot-swap
    • Field wiring and program compatibility
    • Windows-based programming package

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