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  • Evaporator Controls

    Evaporator Diagram

    From basic controls to advanced automation, MicroMod has the products and expertise to help you increase throughput and minimize losses.

    Simply controlling the level in the evaporator effects can ensure consistent feed, maintain heat transfer rates, and prevent scaling, fouling and splashing. Online concentration control will eliminate wasted product and reprocessing, with a resulting savings in energy.

    More advanced control can provide additional benefits. Minimizing manufacturing costs, reducing steam consumption, and increasing installed capacity in addition to establishing the optimum production values are important considerations in today's competitive market. Material balance control is easily implemented in MicroMod controllers. This stabilizes the concentration loop and compensates for variables such as changes in steam flow due to demands elsewhere in the plant, and variations in feed inlet concentration or flow rate.

    The MOD and Micro-DCI products have been used successfully in many evaporator control installations.

    Contact your local MicroMod representative or contact us directly for information on evaporator control products.