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  • Burner Management Systems

    BurnerPAK is a series of microprocessor-based, single-burner management systems designed to NFPA 85 safety standards to provide the correct burner sequence, ignition and flame monitoring protection on automatically ignited oil, gas, and combination fuel burners. In conjunction with limit and operating controls, a BurnerPAK burner management system provides control and monitoring of the startup and shutdown sequence of burners and related equipment, monitors the operation of the equipment at all times, and initiates safe shutdown procedure on detection of an unsafe operating condition. The system also indicates current operating status and lockout information in the event of a safety shutdown.

    BurnerPAK systems include
    pre-programmed logic for:

    • Recycle / Standby with pre-fire checks
    • Fan Start
    • Furnace Purge
    • Igniter / Pilot Trial
    • Main Flame Trial
    • Modulation
    • Post Purge
    • First-out alarming with manual reset
    • Continuous, graphic indication of flame scanner

    BurnerPAK provides hardware-independent, configurable times for purge, post-purge, flame failure response time (FFRT), and flame stabilization as well as maximum travel time for the air actuator and FD fan startup time. All setup screens are password protected for security.

    MicroMod also offers BMS systems for multiple burners and co-firing oil & gas burners. Contact us for more information.

  • Burner Management System with Drum Pressure Control

    BurnerPAK-1 is a self-contained standalone controller that provides both burner management and drum pressure control, and is ideal for small package boilers. The integral display panel provides operation and monitoring of the drum pressure control loop as well as indication of burner sequence and status, alarm information and boiler run hours. Easy-to-use menus on the controller panel allow setup and tuning of the drum pressure loop and the burner sequence times.

  • Some of the displays provided in BurnerPAK-1:


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  • Burner Management System with Enhanced Alarming

  • BurnerPAK-3 is a standalone Burner Management System for use with any combustion control system. In addition to control and indication of the burner sequence, BurnerPAK-3 provides enhanced alarming and identification of the specific limit in the operating control circuit or running interlock circuit which caused the burner shutdown. System runtime information, English or Spanish language displays and Ethernet connectivity are all features of BurnerPAK-3.

    BurnerPAK-3 includes:

    • Burner management controller, pre-configured, with the required I/O for burner sequence control, interface to a flame scanner unit, and ienhanced alarm indication.
    • Remote-mounted full color operator touchscreen panel with Ethernet interface to PC or plant network.
    • Application-specific documentation for the installation, startup and operation of the system.

BurnerPAK-3 Displays


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