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  • 53MC5000 (Fischer & Porter, Micro-DCI, ABB, MicroMod)

    Micro-DCI 53MC5000
    Micro-DCI 53MC5000

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    Design Level "A" to "B" Main Board Cross-Reference Table

    53MC5 "A" Board 686B608U0*

    53MC5 "B" Replacement

    PIC Part Number Functionality Part Number
    No PIC visible Single Loop Standard Functionality 614C189U01
    614B287U01 2 Loop Standard Functionality 614C189U02
    614B287U02 2 Loop Extended (Programmable) Functionality 614C189U03
    614B287U03 4 Loop Standard Functionality 614C189U04
    614B287U04 4 Loop Extended (Programmable) Functionality 614C189U05



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